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Aam Mobiles December 12, 2009

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Welcome, to my new series of cartoons called “Aam Mobiles”. The name is inspired from R.K Laxman’s “Common Man” cartoon series. And the mobile cartoon series is inspired with mobile being more and more indispensible part of out lives. Infact it looks like, like  robots, mobiles have also started having their own way of lives. And this cartoon series is on lives of mobiles.

Open to feedback, suggestions and comments. Happy cartoon reading…:-)


We always saw movies on Robots. What happened if Robots get life, fall in love, they eat,drink n talk. We have shops flooded with pirated version of these movies. But thing is that Robot has never come close to a common man, leave behind getting life of a common man. But Mobiles have been. They are subjected to day to-day torture, sad, happiness, anger, laugh, cry n all emotion one can think of, a Homo Sapien displays.

One day, something of that sort happened. There were messages in my inbox and sent items of my mobile, which I never remember receiving nor sending. Interestingly all of these from a single number, my girlfriends mobile number. Even my girlfriend confirmed that she never had sent any SMS. So how come..I wondered??

Then I realised, our both mobiles have fallen in love with each other. My Nokia 5310 with Nokia 5330. As me and my girlfriend were sharing emotions, it was actually my mobile sending that emotion to other mobile and vice versa. This is how their love story started. My mobile was fastest in dialing, sending msgs on her mobile, compared its speed of connection with others. They had their private moments when we were asleep, with sms and calling in full. They dated on table tops of CCD. They exchanged views when hanging from respective necks. I wonder what their outcome will be??? Nokia 5320..;-)

Why Nokia-7900-prism likes "LG Viewty Smart"?

 1) Inspired from today’s preference of Smarter, Intelligent partner..:-)

Fat nokia-5330 getting slim Nokia 5310...;-)

 2) Someone love music and musicians

nokia-n810 Nokia 5310

 3) For someone “Size matters”

Ek anaar sau bimaar

Even this is posssible...;-)


2 Responses to “Aam Mobiles”

  1. Rakesh Says:

    Aabe kaunsi girl friend….iske baare mein to blog nahi likha abhi tak :p

  2. omus Says:

    author can become a rapist, murderer, god, saint..anything…for sake of story making..:-)
    But wish i cud have an acceptable one

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