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The Unspeakables November 12, 2009

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A new addition to book of divisions created by Homo sapeins: The Unspeakables. We had, rather still have, divisions as Untouchables, caste, color etc. There are parallel effort to wipe out those, but also are born new forms. The latest one being ‘THE UNSPEAKABLES”, words that should not be spoken. Just like Voldemort in Harry Potter being referred as “who cannot be named”, similarly we are having a new dictionary of unspeakable words, which are out of bound for common man n woman n boys n girls . Strangely unlike Harry Potter these words can be spoken by villains, gundas, goons, only.

Few of the examples are Bombay, Teli, VT and so on. Oops I wrote it. Now these goons gonna trace me via my IP address and gonna kill me or burn my effigie or make me say sorry in media. Shakespeare said “Whats there in a name”, but the poor guy didn’t know, there is difference of life n death in a name. With the mention of Bombay in his movie “Wake Up-Sid”, Karan Johar has almost risked his life at hands of MNS, resulting in an apologetic preface of the movie. Then next “Teli ka tel” becoming “Dilli ka tel“, because the former’s use of Teli was seen as insult to the community with the same name. Now I wonder why didn’t Delhites did not revolt against use of there beloved place. Then I came across various possible reason:

a) Is it because it is Dilli and not Delhi, or

b) Delhites actually stayed true to their name of being “Dil-walon ki Dilli”

c) Or may be they were just too frustated to care about.

Whatever, but Vishal Bharadwaj espaced the fate of Karan Johar.

Ever wondered why North Indian taxi drivers were beaten up in Mumbai. Because they still recognized and ferried passengers to Victoria terminus, churchgate road,Elphinstone circle,Worli Road and numerous other erst while names.

Now lets come out of Bombay…(oops I did it again)…to other B city..Bangalore. Recognised where is it??Its Bengaluru now. Good it changed its name, with everything right from infrastructure to people’s attitude going down the drains. Till now we have not seen any rhetoric over the name, but the day is not far, with goons like Ram Sena etc., having a free run.

Now lets come to my home place Odisha (erst while ORISSA). And I m Odia (long live Oriya). If the change in name can bring change in fortune of the one of the poorest state of India, then its most welcomed. And if not, we fool tax payers pay for “Name change ceremony”.

The reason of this coming into picture after 60 yrs of independence is 60yrs of independence itself. The long democractic 60 yrs period has resulted in drying out of poll issues. Hunger, Power, Roads, House has all dried up as poll issues, but not in grounds. So politicians after undergoing Innovation workout sessions in 5- star cottages came up with this idea of “name changing politics”. Just like child grows only after Naming ceremony, these politicians think that by “Name changing ceremony” will bring in fortune of these cities.



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