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Chand main daag October 19, 2009

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Moon Story: 2050

Moon Story: 2050

This is the future of our very own moon. The white/yellow shaped object hanging 15 days in sky, taking various shapes from round to crescent and then hiding rest 15 days in the infinite darkness of space. This is story of “Chand” which has inspired generations of couples to break rule of laws, inspired greatest scientists, inspired the deepest philosophy ever heard of, inspired festivals celebrated round the year across the world, inspired the hymns/poems of great poets,inspired romantic songs of bollywood movies and lately inspired me to write this blog.

“Chand main daag”, “Chand sa chehra”  are the most used romantic dialogues in Hindi movies (and may be in other *****WOODS ) as well. And reason it has inspired is all of these were naturally occuring “daags”. But no more. With Human foot print overshooting earth, it has reached this humble romantic place. It already has been bombarded creating “Artificial daags” on it. Interestingly it was bombarded on “Karwa Chauth” day, when in India millions of Hindu house wives keep fast for the whole day and break it only once they see moon through a net, resuming as an filter. No wonder when they were seeing the moon, NASA’s WMP (weapons of mass destruction) were busy in holing up the beloved moon of these innocent women. And it will bombarded with for more frequency and more intensity. Ever increasing human foorprint, added to that space competition ego among countries like US, India, China etc. is just going to make moon another “earthly” place to live.

So in 2050, Moon would no more inspire songs, Heer-Ranjha won’t see Moon anymore during romantic time (infact that would be last thing to see..because moon will represent more of destruction and not love), nor will poet compose on “Moony days”. Wondering the festivals will ever hold that importance. When women think of seeing face of husband first after seeing moon, they would have actually seen thousands residing in moon. So countdown for destruction of moon has started.LONG LIVE MOON.


6 Responses to “Chand main daag”

  1. Aj Says:

    Your views comply with a backward-looking traditionalist.

  2. vicky thakre Says:

    I am not agree with you….and I have certain question which dismiss the opinions which you are trying to express. First Nothing called Hir-Ranjha….wo sab chuitya banane ki scheme hai….Public jis se real issues main dhyan na de kar…faltu ki baaten kare….omu please change some of the sentence…..its hurting all the good bachelors around the globe…

  3. Ashish Mall Says:

    So to preserve innocence (ignorance),should we leave our children illiterate making them believe there is a heaven hanging around somewhere in the space, ignorant of the infinite space.

    • omus Says:

      Exploration is ok…but not exploitation….once human reach there..they will make out another earth out of moon.

  4. Rakesh Says:

    I like the statement: “Exploration is ok not exploitation”….

    Once that is kept in mind, i feel we shoud explore more…..for there are many significant & awesome phenomenon, creations engineered every moment….that we would take long to fathom at the rate we r goin..

  5. sourav894 Says:

    It’s pleasing to know that there are thinkers in my country keeping the great culture alive. Even I’m a published Hindi poet. To catch a glimpse of my work, visit-

    Keep Walking…

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