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Checklist for renting a car.. September 23, 2009

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renting a car

renting a car

How to rent a car for a Vacation trip?

Here’s a checklist I gathered over years of booking and experience. Will add on as new experiences comes in.

1) No. of Travellers. That decides the size of your car.

2) AC or Non AC: Depends of travellers, destination weather etc. So decide on this

3) Budget: Without doubt,”Paisa Pheko, Tamasha dekho”. One needs to decide on the thresold.

4) Before taking a car, check if required number of passengers can atually fit in or not. Always be aware of dis-continued seats in middle row or last row. Also check on kind of last row seeked.

5) Check the status of car, like tool kits available or not, spare tyre condition and in general.

6) Driver often is very crucial to long journeys. Ensure one common language is understood. Ensure he had a nice nap before the trip. Very often they are overworked and end up sleeping while driving, could be very dangerous scenario. If that happens, its better to take an hour or 2 power nap on road itself.

7) Never forget to take initial reading KM reading of vehicle and also make sure you and driver are on same page on KM reading. It once happened to us that we didnot reading and we realised driver had manipulated readings.

8) Check out seat belts etc. Head rest are also often pain points. Check out for broken windows.

9) Note the down the vehicle number. initial meter reading and drivers mobile number.



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