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GO GREEN… August 21, 2009

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“Go Green…” a buzzword around the around the world, added to lingo the very day human being understood that their way of living is destroying the world. The lingo is gaining popularity with every passing day, which is another day of destruction of earth. But what’s sad to see is its getting used more by tongue and not by hands. We all are just making acts and pacts on “Go Green..”, but not any action.

Samuel’s famous lines “Water Water everywhere…” can be twisted to describe the current scenario: “Acts and pacts everywhere, Action to be seen nowhere”. This is a dilemma with Homo sapiens. Is it by putting green balloons, green plastic ribbons, on “some green day” or “Environment day” or some bla bla day.

Even I am clueless how do I “Go Green”. How do i go with actual concept, rather than Green colored balloons and ribbons and dresses?

How do I????? So one day i just said to myself “A Drop, A Drop makes an ocean”. So I framed rules for myself and also spread among others. I believe “Knowledge is nothing but sharing”….and who actually wants to save Earth from Doomsday, then they should also start taking their small steps.

So what are my rules??

1) First and foremost Trash only in dustbin. Carry my own trash. I try to ensure a zero or close to zero foot travel. Sad to see India is all but a dumping yard. And only neat thing available in India are dustbins.

2) I avoid (yet trying to make it zero) plastics, biscuits, chips. Because a common sense calculation shows that for producing 50 gms of biscuits, equal amount of OIL is needed to bring it in a form, that comes to me. I am stressing myself on eating locally made food.

3) I have my definition of walk able distance and walk whenever I go these places.

4) I try as much as Public transport as much possible. (People question my commitment towards my cause, since i drive long distance in bikes, that too alone. Yes, they are correct, i am still to be 100% committed. But I finding it hard to go away with my only passion I am living with, after all i am a Human Being. But surely, some day it will go off).

5) I obey Forest rules by spirit and letter. Now, one must be wondering how does that help. It helps because the earth getting doomed includes all those billion other species, which we have forgotten that they too are our neighbors and owners of earth. Avoid honking in roads through forests; maintain silence during night camps, zero disturbances to other species and whatever is written in Forest rulebook.

6) Save electricity and water in homes.

7) No fish, shrimp or any Non-Veg food. Eating habits had been major reason of extinction of many species. SAD. I know it must be harsh on meat lovers, but I cannot refrain from fact. I would rather suggest meat lovers to make their decisions judiciously.

8) Last but not least I spread message and ask people to take whatever small steps they can take.

Few more which i plan, but yet to implement:

1) Gifting tree pots. I gifted myself one. Will soon publish out how much off set was their in my footprint with this.

2) Exploring ways of living a life like an Indian villager or at least like my father, who is having a very less carbon foot print that I have.

To conclude, I do see my foot print decreasing with passing months, with these small steps. Now I need to find out a way to keep my statistics.


Readers, if you have any more suggestions or best practices,  please let me know.”KNOWLEDGE IS ….WHAT IS SHARED”


2 Responses to “GO GREEN…”

  1. Jinmesh Says:

    Hats off !!!…..Amazing article and above all atonishing thoughts….Keep it up and I hope all of us should follow these rules by heart……Hope some day our sprits of showing “Go Green” will turn to our acts to make sure our next generation will thank us for something we would have left for them……

  2. neeraj Says:

    well said 🙂

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