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Wrong Priorities….Short Sightedness at its best August 6, 2009

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Wrong Priorities…..this is what i see most of the government policies on. How??? on.

Everyday one reads article about vacancies unfilled. Be it Forest department, be it Hospitals, be police. army, be it Archeology Survey of India, be it IT department.And last the biggest one, teaching department. U name it, seats are unoccupied. An estimate from NGO, shows 20 million vacancies in one or other form…yes 20 million.

So at one end are millions of vacancies, and the other end is crore plus unemployed. And the third end is billion rupees spending by government just to provide few days of  job.  This is where priorities comes into picture.

Government continues to spend on what is unsustainable….and overlooks the formula which in long term can only do good. Government continues to sight 2014 elections, instead of 2025 elections.

If government set up vocational training institute and impart the skills according to vacancies, just imagine the good it will do:

a) The trained ones would get 365days of employment instead of current 100 days (in reality this will further go down)

b) Those institutes will continue imparting training to future generations, inturn avoiding future vacancies and unemployment. “Ek teer se do sikaar”.