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KOFFEE WITH KASAB April 18, 2009

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   ” Chod diya jai..yah maar diya jaye..

      Bol tere saath, kya saluk kiya jaye.”


The famous songs from “Mera Gaon Mera desh”, is more relevant, than ever it has been, even after decades.

As 1 billion people are just confused of what do this of this cock roach.( from Wednesday)


First confession is made

Second judges are allotted.

Third some jokers make issue of judges.

Re-allotment of lawyer for Kasab

Re tracking on confession…..and drama continues..


Citing that Confession was made forcefully has created new waves of breaking news and drama. If this drama continues…surely he will be out, either because of meeting the demands after some hijack drama or because of glitches in our system. And … and soon will be seen in “Koffee with Karan”, brand ambassador for Leopold Cafe and Taj Hotel and truly Incredible India..!!!!!!!!!


As you know anything can happen in India…and this is also a possibility in near future.


Episode: 420

Coffee with Kasab:

Q) Did you commit the crime of attacking Mumbai?

Kasab: No..

Q) But u made the confession that you did?

Kasab: That was forced out of it.

Q) But video recording shows you with guns in VT?

Kasab: I have been framed (just like Varun Gandhi said he was framed)

Q) First you told u were 21 and then 17. What’s your age?

Kasab: I don’t know when my parents had their honeymoon

Q) First you said you were form Pakistan, but now back tracking. Are you from Pakistan?

Kasab: The only country i know is India…

Q) Then how come you were with Terrorists in that car?

Kasab: They took as hostage.

Q) So you are hostage?

Kasab: Exactly

Q) Do u know who committed the crime?

Kasab: As per the news some mongoose from Pakistan

Q) How did you know?

Kasab: From you people…the media

Q) Any reason, why you are framed?

Kasab: Elections were approaching and some body had to be framed

Q) You mean political parties framed out?

Kasab: May be, i guess to get political mileage

Q) Which political party hand do you see?

Kasab: I am not good in remembering names

Q) May be you don’t know Indian parties?

Kasab: I am not good in remembering names

Q) OK…if you say you are not terrorists..then what punishment do you prescribe for terrorists?

Kasab: Unhe dafa 302 ki tahat, sajaye Maut………sunani nahin chahiye. There hands and legs should be chopped off. They should be forced to live ….but like a Zinda Laas.


I guess that’s it. This should be the punishment for caught terrorists. They had come for death, but they should not be given death. They should be taught, what’s like living like a Zinda laas, which many innocent are forced to live, after any terrorist attack.


Why so drama, I guess that’s what we Indians have always done in situations like this. I guess now we got the answer of the song after so many decades.



2 Responses to “KOFFEE WITH KASAB”

  1. Neeraj Says:

    Hey man, I really enjoy your posts – very intelligent writing!

    I’ve added a link to your blog on mine.


  2. swets Says:

    its fire truth.. what ever u have blogged shows the hidden rage in u on the current affairs..!!.. good let that not melt.. deploy it in a right way …

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