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BREAKING BLOG April 4, 2009

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Yes this blog will soon be part of Breaking News. Not believing let me show you possible future:

25th June 2009:


26th June 2009:

BREAKING NEWS: The blog writer is arrested for writing inflammatory blog on BREAKING NEWS.

Yes, this all could happen if, the spying eyes of “AAJ TAK BREAKING NEWS” channel falls on this piece of $hiT of mine. I won’t be part of just news; i will be part of BREAKING NEWS.

I call this BREAKING BLOG, because there’s nothing call BLOG, just like there’s nothing called NEWS. It’s all BREAKING NEWS. This is what i think after being fed 24 hrs a day, 7days a week, 365 days of year, with BREAKING NEWS, and not a single news. Now you see new breeds of BREAKING JOURNALISTS, carrying degree in BREAKING JOURNALISM, orating in high pitched BREAKING VOICE, with lots of BREAKING MUSIC in the background, with BREAKING ACTORS of Bombay theatre doing heart BREAKING DRAMA, in front of TV screen BREAKING flashy cameras. I tell you this all have potential chemistry of BREAKING the screen of your idiot box. Actually i am already seeing some cracks on my TV.

Now these BREAKING NEWS segment was created right with9/11. Just like world history will be told Pre-9/11 & Post 9/11, media will remembered as Pre-9/11 News channel and Post-9/11 BREAKING NEWS channels. With 9/11, every movement of terrorists and US became BREAKING NEWS, soon they were accompanied with BREAKING NEWS of celebs and to-be celebs (like Rakhi sawant, Jadeja etc.), and now every Tom-Dick and Harry like me can, become BREAKING NEWS. Now one is fed with so much BREAKING NEWS, that I don’t get which incident is actually a turning point. At first sight, i just switched off the TV after seeing 26/11 Mumbai attack, thinking its just another media hype. Well I guess then, future will have BOMBING NEWS, just to differentiate it with BREAKING NEWS. But again BOMBING NEWS will become just another news, with time. So lets keep gluing.

Coming back from history n future to present, there are now 30 odd English & Hindi channels broadcasting BREAKING NEWS to billion. And this excludes the regional BREAKING NEWS channel, which truly stands for India’s diversity. Now NEWS channel are extinct. OKAY may not be extinct, but surely endangered, as i have some respect for DD NEWS and NDTV 24 X 7 NEWS channel. But surely some BREAKING JOURNALISM has started infiltrating in the genes of latter one. I guess, that’s what competition makes one. But still i have some hope, until govt don’t privatize DD news, in name of post liberalization.

Now that’s enough and lets introduce you to BREAKING NEWS channel segment. Some key players of this market are “AAJ TAK BREAKING NEWS”, “STAR BREAKING NEWS”, “TIMES NOW BREAKING NEWS”, “HEADLINES TODAY BREAKING NEWS” and the list goes on. Now some examples of BREAKING NEWS:

” Rakhee Sawanta wears a skinny outfit in sets of MINT-O-FRESH”

” Rahul Gandhi ke kutte ne khana nahin khaya”. I don’t know whether it was referring to his pet dog or his chaprasi politicians.

“Sachin duck out”. Actually that’s BREAKING NEWS for at least 25 days a year.

” Dhoni ne T-shirt khola and autograph diya”. Well that could be BREAKING NEWS, everyday if Dhoni takes bath everyday. But guess it doesn’t happen.

” Khalli ne Billi kharidi ..Dilli-6 ke market se”. At last Dilli-6 became part of some news, after its poor show in theaters.

Well for latest BREAKING NEWS, stop reading this blog and just turn on your idiot box.

P.S: I have used “CTRL +C, CTRL +V” for writing so many BREAKING NEWS.


7 Responses to “BREAKING BLOG”

  1. Prakash Panda Says:

    Well said !!! Actually the news channels have degraded a lot. In an attempt to compete against the others, the journalists have become NEWS MAKERS, instead of NEW REPORTERS. And I guess some marketing chaps put a lot of crap thoughts to marketize the news, and the outcome is stupid background songs, comic and cheap immitation of events may be by graphics or by treatrical actors, etc. The result is evens the news are more dramatic, emotional, sensational, tragic, romantic… blah, blah, blah… in short a bollywood movie !

  2. omus Says:

    Yes, the summary NEWS REPORTER becoming NEWS MAKER, explains the sorry state of current news channels

  3. DRK Says:

    hmm… now a days they seem of be proud of the way they break the news. They deal with Delhi-6 makers to propagate this unique style of breakin…

  4. DRK Says:

    And this is OMU’S blog or OMUS’ blog? Jus thought of letting my site visitors multiple choice to enjoy. They seem bored on my site.

  5. Paromita Says:

    Very true. In fact now the most “IMPORTANT” news is the show.. “Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar” (with interview of Rakhi)
    God, save us from these “breaking news” 😦

  6. Urgeguale Says:

    now I’ll stay tuned..

  7. OJAS Says:

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