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Animals & politicians March 29, 2009

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1)Exceptional are “Sher politicians”………but their population is dwindling like tigers, in our country.Looks like we neeed to have “project tiger” in our politics as well. Indeed a rare species in our politics.

2) Few are “Gadhe politicians”…thats why again we have few of them like donkeys….otherwise how could have done so much mis appropiation of funds without anybodys knowledge.They got to be more than don-keys.

3) Some are “Ullu politicians”….One species are similar to gadhe ones..where as other species are smart…who work undercovers.

4) Some are “horses..”…..always involved in”horse trading”

5) Some are “chameleons……..” always change there colors

6) Some are “crocodiles…”…………..Magarmach ke ashu before every election.

7) Some are “bees……” always after queen bee…….especially in congress.

8) Some are “गीदड़ “…… अपने बाप के भी सगे नहीं होते…जनता तो दूर की बात है

9) Some….ummm..not some, rather many….resemble Elephants, after over feeding on Taxpayers money. Although elected for one seat, need to occupy two seats of parliament, just because of their sizes.


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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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