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Whats the age of “YOUNG”????? March 22, 2009

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Whats the age of young, wandering after reading number of articles, which tells a different age group of “YOUNG”.In one article, a parent laments, “my child being only 4 months, is too young to crawl”. Another quotes, “1 year child is too young to walk”. Another sporting parent boasts, “my 4 year daughter is too young to feature in state level tennis”. Now a 10th grade student says his junior,” you are too young to do trigonometry”. A final year engg. students goes and rag his “YOUNG” juniors. A manager says, “you are too young to join a company”, where as another says,”you are too young, to lead a team”. Now even a 26yrs old male & female are too young to marry. A couple quotes, “honey…we are too young to have a child”. A neta quotes, 42 yrs Rahul is too young to join politics, where as 45 yrs old BLA BLA is too young to contest elections. A 50 yrs old guy is too young to be CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Ironically 50 yrs politician is pushed backward, citing he/she has still 40 yrs ahead of him/her and is too young to be PM. Now in 21st century, a 80 yr old is too young to die.

So can somebody please clarify…am in YOUNG or OLD??


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