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IOPL -Indian Outsourced Premier League March 22, 2009

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So finally the News is out, IPL early in its career is getting outsourced. Moreover its reversing the general trend of outsourcing, this time from East to West. Although the first edition itself had elements of outsourcing like Cheerleaders, but this time its big, really big in scale. The stadiums, audience, security etc are all getting outsourced.

The event also reversed another trend, it was rather govt. which forced this outsourcing. Theres no hue and cry made by govt., just imagine the job losses this outsourcing will incur. Looks like this is small pay back of what India has got all these years from outsourcing. Just imagine the losses Sony ads are making. Where will it get the billion people, to sneeze at a time, when SA/English population is just in some millions. Imagine the loss NDTV Imagine must  have had, when the DADA’s selected cheerleaders won’t be able to board the flight to SA/England, because of recession effect.

But said all, this is nothing in front of security of people. Life is more dearer than Cricket and thats true above all. But i have another view on this topic as well.News channel are projecting this as Victory of Elections over Cricket. My foot. This was never about Elections vs. Cricket. It was about a fun loving Nation vs. Brainwashed Terrorists. And it looks like Terrorism had done a Chequemate. This incident would be a moral booster for these goons, it clearly shows their ability to hold a nation of fun loving Nation at Ransom. It projects the government in ability to provide security to people in small event as these. Are we suppose to put all celebrations to stand still, because somebody is theatning us. It sends wrong signal to whole world that, govt of India itself recognises the threat within the country & our inability to provide security.

Many critics, will agrue that Elections are more important than Cricket. Many will argue that its hue and cry on behalf of Money rich cricket organisation in country. I also agree, this is clearly a business model and money churning machine, but truth is People see it, may be love it. It is just another source of entertainment which people want. And to deny this source of entertainment, with reason of Security, shows our failure as a nation.

What i conclude from this incident is whenever elections are held, we are not supposed to celebrate anything or get entertained. If any festival falls within election dates, we are supposed to sacrifice our gods, people are not suppose to come out in numbers to celebrate something. I thought its a democratic country and all have right to celebrate anything, without any fear. But this incident shows just a reverse thing. We are suppose to supress our Fun seeking cells, because we have been asked by some anti social elements (yah thats a very mild word for them).

There was clearly a way out, but but but….we BOWED to TERRORISM.


6 Responses to “IOPL -Indian Outsourced Premier League”

  1. Bibek Says:

    Clearly, IPL being played outside India is a Shame….that too on security reasons. Its definitely a loss for India which has a huge fan following for the game. Here Cricket is considered religion, cricketers are treated as God.

    Definitely Govt could have done better to keep the game within India. Bowing to terrorists will only make matters worse.

  2. Jinmesh Says:

    I would support the view presented in this blog but with a slightly different perspective. IPL being world’s largest sports event (even bigger than Football world cup). Imagine the amount of people movement in various cities in India for watching games in stadium. Imagine India’s security capability at stake when there are more than 100 key players across the world traveling to India for IPL.

    Now with this in mind put the one-month-old unfortunate event happened in Pakistan during attach on Srilankan team. That event virtually stripped off Pakistan’s internal security in fornt of world. Now the risk in IPL is way more than a two-nation sports tournament. If some thing like this happens during time of election, it will create a panic in India and world around. And world would take India and Pakistan security capability on the same plate !!….

    I am rather happy to be called a nation with security threatened nation than a failed state who couldn’t protect security of their people and guests !!

  3. Gopi Kiran Says:

    Its not shame on the part of Country. This is our Nation and all are responsible for the security of the people and the Nation. Nothing is more dearer than life maybe entertainment or festivals. It is not wrong that the Government could not able to provide security….It provided adequate security for the first event. Elections are important and we already facing threats from within and outside the country. Does the Government should put at risk the life of so many Indians for an entertainment event???? Government always provided adequate security for all the festivals irrespective of the religion.
    What these big business players want to achieve is simply money and they are not ready to leave it because they are frightened that they will loose crores of rupees and if any mishap occurs they will again blame the Government. Anyhow their life won’t be at risk, only the common persons life will be affected.
    Our paramilitary people are already under tremendous pressure after the terrorist attack and how come they take the extra load for a long season just for the sake of some businesses persons. Are they going to pay to these forces extra money for the extra work they had done….No…Not at all….
    What will these so called celebrities will loose if they postpone the event for one month….

    • omus Says:

      I agree with ur comment that IPL is a money churning machine and run by professional businessman and not sports person…but you must understand pple like it , love it & watch it. I myself was not a great supporter of IPL, but my view changed seeing pple emotions attached to the game. That was something unexpected for me.
      Coming back to IPL outsourcing, i think more than was politics behind the screen. But this dirty politics only is leading as moral booster for terrorists, who are now confirmed that they can hold our nation to ransom, just by threats.

  4. Prakash Panda Says:

    Well, these are only a part of the reasons. My data may not be correct. But what I feel is that its only the rift between NCP and UPA which led to this outsourcing of IPL.
    Psangma and Sharad Powar are the major leaders of NCP. At the same time he happens to be BCCI chief, who along with Lalit Modi, is responsible for the IPL matches.
    The main characters being introduced, now here is the story. A few days earlier, Psangma was seen in the news channels abusing the Congress party(backcone of UPA). The reason being that the later imposed President’s rule in his state(or something of the sort… as I said, my data may not be correct). After Psangma’a arrogant behaviour, the Congress became anti-NCP. NCP decides it will not be supporting the UPA for this elections. Since Sharad Powar also belongs to the NCP, to show their power, the Congress party decides to put hurdles in whatever he does for the IPL. Here are some facts to support this. After the IPL schedule was publicised, the government makes a statement that it cannot provide security, due to clash with the election days. The state goverments then provide the dates which suits them. Here only those states are involved where IPL matches were scheduled. Keeping these dates into consideration, the new schedule is released. This time most of the states are hwppy with the schedule, and they sent their consent to the BCCI. But 3 states still do not respond. Even if the dates provided are in accordance with the dates they had asked for. Maharashtra and AP were two of these, the third I do not know 🙂 . But what I do know is that all 3 of them are Congress ruled states. They did not give their assent to the BCCI about the dates. One more thing to note is that not a single match was scheduled in Delhi, in the second schedule released.
    Well, I think everyone was confident about the security part, right from the IPL organisers to the state governments, and the Home Minister himself. But with the elections around, politics played a major role for this outsourcing of IPL. May be this time the I in IPL stands for International.
    Finally, I must again say… I may have written a complete hypothetical bolg, but this is what I feel, and bolgs are to express your feelings !

    Cheers !

    • omus Says:

      At prakash comments, i also have similar thoughts on that line. More than security…it was politics at play..that led to IPL becoming IOPL. It looked like it was BJP vs Congress ruled states. The rift had started with unexpected results in Rajasthan state as well as Rajastan cricket election, where BJP faction had lost. From there the drama started and looks like congress played the card of security. But i think hard core cricket fan may give a befitting answer to congress in forth coming election, especially the ones in IPL team cities.

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