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Govt.’s double standards….WHY?? March 1, 2009

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By now everybody must have heard about National Rural Job Guarantee scheme of central government, because as elections are approaching, the number of newspaper dedicated to these ads are increasing. Occasionally i think, the money spend on these would actually exceed the money reached the jobless. Whatever lets leave the corruption aspect.

Now this is scheme where govt is spending zillions to provide some days job to at least one person of a poor family, so that they can just stay afloat above the monetary defined poverty line. So zillion spends just to provide a temporary employment. Moreover, with current recession, many state as well central govt have declared so called “STIMULUS” package to boost materialistic consumption & create employment oppurtunity.DISASTROUS.

On other hand, everyday newspaper are filled with articles, citing vacancies in all government departments, right from a floor cleaner to an IAS post. Be it ASI, Navy, Army, police, schools……u name it….all blame lack of manpower for all their failures. Mumbai police after Mumbai attacks, Orissa police incompetency in handling naxalites, ASI inability to preserve history, forest departments inability to preserve last remaining jungles from poachers……….all cite same decade old reason of incompetent & incomplete manpower as the reason for their failure.

And matter of fact it is true. Almost all unheard departments like ASI, forest services, postal department, are operating below 50% of their strength. The biggest vacancies being in teaching departments. All govt schools, colleges, universities are “Mal-Manpowered” like anything. If one find outs these figures from RTI from all dept, i am sure the figure of vacancies will run into multi millions.

So why does govt is showing double standards, At one hand, they boast of spending crores to provide employment and on other hand is not filling the vacancies. Why is it sending taxpayers money to create non-tax payers…that too temporary ones. Moreover it would need just a fraction of the slated spend money to fill in the vacancies. A small vocational training to huge educated class and they are all set to fit in positions.

Moreover, filling vacancies will not only provide permanent jobs, but will create new taxpayers and more importantly will do more social good. Just imagine the energy of educated class spend in classrooms, hospitals, maintaining law & order…..rather than breaking it by joining religious zealots like SIMI, Ram Sena, Communist naxalites. Its just un-imaginable goodies for a democracy.

I think government should immediately re strategize and spend first on providing vocational trainings so that vacancies can be filled up and then spend left over these “poll oriented schemes”.


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  1. ha ha Says:

    well-thought of article!

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