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Mutalik– The Employment Generator February 11, 2009

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By now everybody must be knowing who is Mutalik…..the villian born in name of Indian culture. But just see how much employment oppurtunities he has created in this time of “PINK SLIPS”. PINK, there comes the word, which Mutalik has allergy to. Now he will presented with PINK CHADDIS, PINK DHOTIS, everything pink….right from day starter PINK toothpaste to day ender PINK BEDSHEETS & PILLOWS. Mutalik, welcome to the PINK world.

 Now just imagine how much pink dye, linen, textiles etc. must be used to make all these. Already rumours are out that “PINK” products are being black marketed at high prices…wow…profits in times of bankrupcy.

 Already pink chaddis are out of stocks in markets. In retaliation, Mutalik will be gifting  Sarees. Textiles workers are stretching themselves to meet the demand of both chaddis & sarees. Some oppurtunistic enterpreneur has set up a make shift shop, making PINK gift boxes, with all sorts of pink products in it, employing hundreds ( in this period of unemployment). Also the so called culture guards, are getting contractual employment, gettign paid on hourly basis of hooliganism. The bars are flooded like never before. Full occupancy in this time of conservative spending.

 So thats a tricky way of cheating “RECESSION”. Already BJP govt of Karnataka has added a % in its GDP growth forecast, because of this wave of consumption. Profits in era of losses, Employment in time of Pink slips. Mutalik is becoming an employment generating machine in itself….and Western world has a lesson to learn from this.

So everybody Happy Pink Day (as 14th Feb will be called soon).


One Response to “Mutalik– The Employment Generator”

  1. Prateek Says:

    ingenious and innovative take on the topic. I would ,however, prefer recession to jobs created in response to such events!! 🙂

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