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Homo Sapiens aka TERRORIST January 18, 2009

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  Yes, you are reading it correct, you, me & whole human community are TERRORISTS. How???

For that we need to know definition of TERRORISM. Currently the definition as widely known, is limited to killing of human beings by human beings, i.e those who kill innocent people are terrorists or in other words any harm to human society is an act of terrorism. But i disagree, why should it be limited to killing of human beings. Terrorism is an act where someone harms someone, without giving anything in return. Now second part of definiton is important, & this is the reason why furious side of nature, wildlife, do not come in bracket of  Terrorists.

Coming back to first part of definition everyone harms….nature causes lot of harms through floods, earthquake etc., the one at pinacle of food chain kills the one under it and so on. But they are not terrorists, because those acts have a purpose & give something vital in return. Its just a give & take scenario. Like flood brings much needed nutrients, predators ensures health of food chain is maintained etc. So these acts of harm have a good side in return.

Now lets apply the definition to human beings. Everybody knows the harm we have done to earth, especially in last two centuaries and ironically we continue to do as bad it can be. Just few of the statistics:

1) In 8000 BC, earth had 4200 million hectares….now its just 187 million hectares…and declining. Just how much killing we have done.

2) In 1960s, there were 3 million elephants in wild, now its just 65000. Just imagine how much blood is tainted in our hands.

3) In 1900, India had ~1,00,000 tigers in wild. In 1960, it was down to 4000 & recent reports shows its just ~1200. Just how much blood shed has happened even for top predator of earth. How much quenched we are in blood.

4) The below graph shows, more horror terror crimes humans have done, which have not spared even the marine species.

wild sea fishes on rapid decline...very soon because of extensive consumption now, they will be off menus for our very next generation

wild sea fishes on rapid decline...very soon because of extensive consumption now, they will be off menus for our very next generation


This is just 2 statistics from billions available.

Now i won’t write anything…..the following pictures will explain all:

Terror in Borneo Jungles

Chemical terror on Atmosphere

Chemical terror on Atmosphere












The terror victims

The terror victims










 Another victim of chemical terror









CO2 emission, SO2

WMD used: CO2 emission, SO2


Effect of Human terror on Coral Reef

Effect of Human terror on Coral Reef

















Now read this from Wikipaedia:

Main article: Holocene extinction event
Further information: Deforestation
According to a 1998 survey of 400 biologists conducted by New York’s American Museum of Natural History, nearly 70 percent believed that they were currently in the early stages of a human-caused mass extinction,[22] known as the Holocene extinction event. In that survey, the same proportion of respondents agreed with the prediction that up to 20 percent of all living populations could become extinct within 30 years (by 2028). Biologist E. O. Wilson estimated [5] in 2002 that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all species of life on earth will be extinct in 100 years.[23] More significantly the rate of species extinctions at present is estimated at 100 to 1000 times “background” or average extinction rates in the evolutionary time scale of planet Earth.[24]

  The above lines especially the ones, clearly shows how big murderers we are. The present 
  rate of extinction are compared with the previous five periods of natural extinction, that has taken place in Earth’s
 Now while harming all its co-habitants, is human giving anything in return???? We all know its a big NO.
 So the killing, the harm the human race is causing is un precedented & is irreversible. Unless we act & clean up our SINS…….day is not far…when earth will succumb to this terror.
So who will start : FIGHT AGAINST THIS TERROR.

humor ..but a fact

humor ..but a fact


6 Responses to “Homo Sapiens aka TERRORIST”

  1. ggw_bach Says:

    we are gobbling up the land pretty quick.

    v soon, there will be one species left: man.

    all else, enslaved to the corporate wheel.

    • omus Says:

      i rightly said….soon we will left with one species…..but it will die it in a day….which humans are not realising.

  2. dobryramsis Says:

    fantastic post. that information and those pictures are quite horrifying!

  3. Saum Says:

    Very good omu keep going

  4. tejashri Says:

    is giving a reply to such worthy post enough?
    shouldn’t we act atleast now? are we doing something “personally” to save our own future?
    yes i am and you?

  5. Good post but with MISUSE of PHOTOGRAPH and WRONG INFORMATION…!!!

    I look at the photos titled “Effect of Human terror on Coral Reef”…what do you know about this photos??

    This photos were taken in Simeulue Island Indonesia by Dr. Andrew Baird from the James Cook University Australia in 2007. This is a photograph of uplifted corals caused by major earthquake in western part of Sumatra, Indonesia (2005).

    Becareful when using a photographs!!!!


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