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पेड़ हो गए कम क्यों ??? January 14, 2009

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I am sure you must have heard these lines, if you are a bollywood music fan. Yes, you are right these are lines from inaugural song of movie “ROCK ON”. But did you do the assignment it asked, in the very next line of the song….” SOCHA HAI KABHI…..”, “सोचा है कभी …”. I did and this is my answer to this.

To start with heres a newspaper headlines…” of the poorest region of Asia“. For your KBK is nothing but “Kalahandi, Bolangir & Koraput” districts of west Orissa, predominantly inhabitated by tribal people. Now why its called “poor”…because it is “UNDEVELOPED”….which means it doesnot satisfy the criterias of being a developed region, which are as follow:-

1) They didn’t learn the prescribed courses. So they can’t speak & write in English.

2) They donot live in well furnished A/C villas…ok let me lessen it to Apartments.

3) They still rely on Cows as means of transport, rather than fuel guzzling cars & bikes.

4) They still rely on “Barter system”…..rather than plastic Card transaction.

5) They donot travel in Airlines….and neither boasts of an Airport.

6) They donot go on holidays to international destinations.

7) They are not consume FMCGs’ infinite products and electronic gadgets.

8- They donot boasts of big industrial plants, which would throw all shit everywhere.

9) They still dine in earthen utensils, rather in Tajs, Hiltons…ok smaller ones like McD, KFC.

10) Lastly, the region is still forested.

So what does one conclude from this “DASVIDANIYAN”. A person is said to be developed when he/she is a ferocious consumers, gulping anything produced or manufactured & that too in the most luxurious manner. Now lets extrapolate it to the scale of a Nation: A country will be developed if its citizens are a “Black hole” for all sorts of material, if all parts of the country are accessible by fastest means of rail, road & air traffic. So whats the cost to achieve all these criteria, you got to draw each drop of available blood of nature…in form of tress, mines, land, water..and the list runs very long.

So there we come to the answer of song : to be a developed nation, we are in path of satisfying all DASVIDANIYAN. And the cost we are paying is, irreversible damage to only inhabitant place in universe.

So whats my point: Am i cursing all humanity?????????????No not at all….all i am saying is our definition of “Developed economy” is completely wrong. And since theres only one definiton available (Western Economy as developed economy)….we having blindly accepted that definition, instead of custom making our own definiton. If world wants to see itself healthy & alive after next 5 decades, it got to…and i am saying it got to change this definiton…….otherwise the phrase “LONG LIVE EARTH” will come to life.


4 Responses to “पेड़ हो गए कम क्यों ???”

  1. zooni Says:

    wow nice post iam also a very big believer of go green concept

  2. n3st@ Says:

    doOd..awesome research maan…

  3. julian Says:

    you cited an article from wikipedia?!

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