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Recession & Begging industry: January 4, 2009

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Recession, pink slips, slow down..these have been the buzz word since last six months. But what have gone un noticed is the begging sector. I dare to call it a sector since, it employees millions & is worth hunderds of crore. In this country of billion, easily i myself must have seen close of a crore beggars. Assuming each day they get Rs 50, this industry in close to 3.5 billion $. I guess it can put our top IT companies to shame.Mind it i have still kept in national levels..not international levels. 
Now with recession, this is the only industry recruiting more & more people. As a result the unauthorised begging companies are facing stiff competition from new entrants. Especially the one in LOW MARGIN & HIGH VOLUME model, who rely on “choottas”. But is doesn’t mean that others are having easy time. With recession, the begging companies relying on HIGH MARGIN & LOW VOLUME model, are also facing problem, with fewer credit card donors. So this sector, which is mostly organised & come under Tax regimes (rather one can call HAFTAS) of temples, mosques, churches, are asking for a possible bail out from religious institutions, which have piled up loads of money from taxes. The smarter begging companies have even applied for licences with religious places, to secure the markets.
With more people joining the sector, demand for MBBS (Master of Beggars & in Begging Sciences), MBA (Master in Begging Activities) & BBE (Bachelor in Begging) are going up. What is also observed with this recruitement, is inflow of great talent, which is clearly showing up in greater number of patents, trademarks etc. in begging techniques. With greater copyrights etc, demand for BALLB ( Bachelor in Art of Law Labelling in Begging techniques) is also going up.  {Who said demand for graduates goes down in recession }.
Also the sector is demanding for upgradation in infrastructure to accomodate new joinees, from tax takers ( of course : religious places). So some of the uncorrupt religious places have started spending crores, to build dedicated begging corridors with sitting facilities for greater number of people.
Rumours are also there, to give the sector a “large scale industry” status, allowing the stakeholders to deposit there money in swiss bank.But the govt is negotiating with union leaders, to give it the demanded status if they save their money in Indian banks only.The possible reason behind this govt move is, because it sees these saving as a bailout for banks as well, which have been hurt most due to recession.
Pundits are astonished by the unpredicted performance of the sector during recession as well, so are betting on companies of this sector in stock markets. Moreover theres no sector in green marks,except this on whom they can bet.
Expect more news from this sector. This is Omprakash Mall from



3 Responses to “Recession & Begging industry:”

  1. Mike Harmon Says:

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. prasad Says:

    It’s always a pleasure to go through Omprakash’s (hereafter reffered as “MAAL”) blog. The thoughts are original, and I may point out, you maybe reading initial works of someone like Naipaul, Rushdi, Seth, etc.
    MAAL is an example of a person with keen observing eye, but mind you at times it boggles a person having a rat-brain like me as too how he manages his professional life with his passion for blogging.
    Taking cue from the latest motion picture Slumdog Millionaire, lets guess from following four options:
    (A) MAAL’s a brilliant time manager
    (B) MAAL’s from planet far far away, so his sleep is a millisecond on planet earth.
    (C) MAAL has recently been dumped and hence suffering from insomnia.
    (D) The recession has left no work for the bright minds of John H Welch Lab.

  3. rabindra Says:

    Another probability is that MAAL might have outsourced his research work on the above sector to some other agencies. In the present times of economic recession, where job cuts are obvious, and knowing his keen business acumen, MAAL must have provided some young grads. bread and butter for a few days……..and in the mean time was kind enough to prevent further competetion in the Begging Sector.

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