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My Wishlist before i die August 2, 2008

Filed under: Personal — omus @ 9:39 am

1) India Brahmann….journey from past to future in bike.

2) SANDY MARCH…. walk through 8000 KMs long Indian coastline.

3) Brazilian Rainforests

4) Eurotrip…getting lost in Europe. 

5) A perfect 8850 Mts Ascent.

6) Walk through GREAT WALL of CHINA.


4 Responses to “My Wishlist before i die”

  1. rabindra Says:

    Why ur blog address is why not OmIndia/OmPakistan.
    Is it because you are US returned ?????? Please clarify.

  2. omus Says:

    My blog was created, even before i went to US. And why should i show loyality to some country….?

  3. A Says:

    I need to make it clear that..omus loves his generic name goes like ‘omus’ and of species..its ‘primus’.

  4. swets Says:

    Ur sixth wish matches to one of the wishes i have ..
    so a SAME PINCH :-@)

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