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Night Trekking — Nandi Hills— The biggest Daredevil i have ever done. August 1, 2008

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Who?– Me, Ajit & Prabhat
Started from Bangalore: 10:00PM
Dropped down some where near Nandi Hills at 12 Mid night…. god knows where??????

Searched for view of Nandi hills from 12 to 3:00 AM

How lucky we were that day…?

1) Prabhat knew Telugu…that helped us as u will read later.
2) A good person gave us lift.
3) Lift..that too 4 persons in “Hamara Bajaj”….just we must be sitting.
4) Out of no where we got a person who knew only Telugu..& luckily Prabhat also knew Telugu.So he some what guided us …that was the biggest relief…because at that time we were thinking we were lost.
5) God saved us from around 20 ( i guess..that was max i could count) barking dogs.
6) The gate…i still laugh when i think of it..we got furious like anything.
7) Again a watch dog in nandi Hills….by god that was a very furious moment.
8) Guard didn’t say anything to us…we violated law by entering Nandi Hills premises before time ( 5:00AM)


3 Responses to “Night Trekking — Nandi Hills— The biggest Daredevil i have ever done.”

  1. preethi Says:

    True … we returned back in the night 🙂

    Had been to ?

    Gr8 one for cycling…

  2. swets Says:

    ha ha ha.. well!, its just 30 mins (max) drive from our place (sahakaranagar, BIA road)..

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